Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning reviews from 2012

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12/28/2012 Comment via Groupon
"I was pleased with their work and would highly recommend them, and use them again in the future."

12/22/2012 Comment from Steven T.
"Bought deal of $99 for $200 worth of air duct cleaning.  I have a 4000 square foot house so I knew this would not cover all of it but never had my duct work cleaned.  Part of house was ~ 15 years old with up/down draft systems while other part is closer to 7 years old with its own system.  I suspected that they would have difficulty on the older part of my house where ducts are virtually inaccessible and sure enough, the technicians recommended that part of the system as not worth the cleaning effort despite loss of additional income for them.  They did a great job on the newer part of my house, showing me how their cleaning system works and the before/after pictures.  They also included a cleaning of my dryer vent to the outside which entailed climbing fairly high up on my extension ladder outside with temps ~ 33 deg F and gusty winds.  I probably didn't use up the whole $200 worth of service but that was OK since they did a good job and were pleasant to work with."

12/18/2012 Comment from Richard K.
"This was money well spent! The before and after pictures tell the story. The techs were very friendly and knew their jobs! I would definitely recommend them!"

12/17/2012 Comment from Karen G. via Angie's List
"We had the air ducts in our older home cleaned for the first time.  The crew was very professional and knowledgeable.  We appreciated the video demonstration."

12/17/2012 Comment from Carl M. via Angie's List
"Cleaning the duct work, with pictures of before and after.  Showed us what was coming out of the dryer vent.  Talked to my husband about everything they were doing.  Said that I could expect less dust and faster drying for my dryer-all true!  They were excellent.

12/14/2012 Comment from Angie's List
They came on time.  They were dressed professionally and got right to work.  Not only did they clean the duct work, which came from a Groupon, but we decided to have them clean the furnaces and the dryer vent.  They were done in less than an hour and a half."

12/12/12 Comment from Angie's List
"Purchased deal for duct cleaning through Angie's List. Appointment setup was easy.
They were on time and did a great job of showing me what they were going to do. Job was done quickly and cleanly. Even pointed out a small gas leak on the furnace supply line when they were cleaning up. Very professional."

12/11/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"They arrived promptly, gave demo of stuff being sucked out of ducts , left on time. Good price for service, I have no complaints , great friendly crew/ would use them again"

12/11/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"Professional and informative about their service. Tidy work."

12/8/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"They were wonderful at there job(s). Reasonable price, and considerate of our pets. Recommended and gave their card to friends."

12/8/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"LOVED them! Eric and Nathan arrived on time, were extremely friendly, and they went right to work...clearly explaining the process and offering to let me observe. I'm thrilled with the outcome... my house is SO much cleaner. I've already recommended them to a few of my friends and family!"

12/8/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"They were very informative and showed me the cleaning process and results, before and after. Very professional."

12/7/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"They were great. Will definitely recommend!"

12/7/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"The two gentlemen were very nice, thoughtful of my animals and very informative of what they were doing; I learned a lot! Wait until you see all the gunk in your vents... YOU will truly be amazed! I would definitely recommend!"

12/7/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"Good job, very pleased."

12/6/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"This was the best thing I have had done for my house. The dust level has decreased tremendously. The guys from Sani-clean were great, I would highly recommend them."

12/2/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"Absolutely a positive experience from start to finish. I bought 3 deals for 3 condos in my community. Jeremy was able to accommodate our schedule and Eric and Nate did a terrific job. They explained their way through every step of the job, showed us actual debris and took photos of the ducts both before and after. It was amazing to hear all of the debris in the ducts and what came out of them. I always knew there was construction "stuff" in the ducts because I could see it when I first moved in. While my furnace has been worked on several times, it had never been cleaned either and I was happy to have that done as well. A great experience, both in service and value. I would highly recommend this company."

11/29/2012 Comment from Living Social Client
"Great service! I just had them cleaned today. I appreciated them showing before and after pictures. Thank you!"

11/29/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"We bought a coupon from them.  We bought a foreclosed home, which was about three years old and we didn’t think the ducts had been cleaned from all the construction of the new home.  We moved in and we had it all redone again.  We knew there was a lot of sawdust and stuff all over the place, so we had them come out and clean the ducts.  They were great.  We had our ducts cleaned years ago by another company in our old home and I think we ended up paying around $1200.  We were kind of apprehensive about having the ducts cleaned even though we knew they needed to be cleaned.  We’ve had a bad experience with duct cleaning companies in the past.  When it came up on Angie’s List, we thought we would give it another try because we knew the ducts needed to be cleaned in this house.  The people from Sani Clean Air Duct Cleaning came, cleaned it and took us down to show us.  They took pictures inside to show us how clean it was.  We were completely satisfied.   The price was well worth it.  We would use them again and would recommend them to anybody who needs air duct cleaning done."

11/28/2012 Comment from Living Social Client
"They set a date with us weeks ahead of time, kept in touch to let us know they were coming. Called the day of the appointment to let us know the time and did a good job cleaning the duct work. We were pleased and will probably use them again. They even worked around our indoor cats, which is always a nice thing.. They showed us live feed of what the ducts looked life before and after and it was amazing. They did a good job and I would recommend them to other people..."

11/28/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"I purchased this as a Big Deal, and got more than my money's worth.  Since I was coordinating the work on my family home from another state, I wasn't sure how many vents I had.  Turned out that I had two more than the Big Deal price, but they didn't charge for the extra vents.  Also did the work more than a month earlier than scheduled, when their schedule opened up.  Good communication, good work, good value."

11/27/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"They were prompt, cheerful & courteous. He showed a before and after pictures. Thank you.  Great Job!"

11/27/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"Pictures taken before and after to show what was removed in the vents.  Covered shoes with booties along with covering floors and protecting furniture.  Assistant went from room to room vaccuming each individual vent before the main vents were cleaned. We were pleased with the company and how they performed their work.  I would recommend them to friends and family"

11/21/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"Just moved into my house in 2012 and it turns out the air ducts hadn't been cleaned since 1999. Had an appointment between 9-10am, the guys showed up around 9:15, were very professional, took a tour of the house and counted up the air ducts as the specials package only included 12. They explained what they were going to do, showed us the equipment, took before and after pictures, and gave us a demonstration of how the 'whipper' worked live in our central duct in the basement. It took about an hour and a half start to finish and they were on to the next job.
Overall very satisfied, great price, and recommended to my inlaws who bought their house new in 97 and have never had their ducts cleaned either"

11/20/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"Cleaned all air and heat ducts in entire house also cleaned furnace. Did very good job and I am satisfied. Would use again."

11/19/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"They cleaned the air ducts and dryer vents. They took pictures before they did the work and after they completed it. They did a wonderful job. The difference was amazing."

11/10/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"Performed services to satisfaction.  They showed up on time, cleaned air ducts in a timely manner and replaced everything in its original condition.  They were very nice and located an old ring that had fallen in one of the air ducts."

11/10/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"Friendly, came when they said, did a great job!"

11/9/2012 Comment from Angie's List
"This company went above for me, demoed everything and I felt like I was their top priority as well.  My dog is allergic to cats, and ever since we moved in he has been coughing, and I believe it is due to the cat fur in the ducts. When the gentlemen from Sani-Clean left from cleaning the ducts, this was the first time he (my dog) hadn't coughed. I believe this directly related to their work. I would recommend this company to anyone."

11/9/2012 Comment from Groupon client
"The guys were very friendly, professional and took the time to explain what they were doing and answer any questions. I would definitely recommend to my friends."

11/3/2012 Comment from Groupon Client
"Very friendly and informative"

11/2/2012 Comment from Groupon Client
"They did a great job! Very friendly, clean, and professional."

11/1/2012 Comment from Groupon Client
"After cleaning the furnace is functioning So much better. The tech's were courteous and willing to explain the process to us. Very Satisfied."

10/31/2012 Comment from Groupon Client
"Very friendly and personable. Explained everything they were doing. We felt they did a great job."

10/31/2012 Comment from Douglas C. via Angie's List
"Came on time and worked until they were done. No problems."

10/30/2012 Comment from Groupon Client
"They were very professional and explained the complete process"

10/27/20012 Comment from Groupon Client
"Servicemen were professional, steady workers and very informative"

10/26/2012 Comment From Living Social Client
"They were great, showed how everything works and how much they cleaned out!"

10/22/2012 Comment from Sandra S. Via Angie's List
"Sani-Clean cleaned the ducts and furnace.
They did a wonderful job and were very professional"

10/17/2012 Aonymous Comment from Groupon Client
"Great job. Very personable. Did what they said they would do"

10/17/2012 Aonymous Comment from Groupon Client
"Very knowledgable and did a great job."

10/15/2012 Aonymous Comment from Groupon Client
"Very professonal and friendly! Would definitely recommend!"

10/12/2012 Aonymous Comment from Groupon Client
"Great job!"

10/11/2012 Comment from Jan F.
"Very informative...you know what they are doing!"

10/6/2012 Comment from Karen T. via Angie's List
"They did a good job and were very pleasant"

9/29/2012 Comment from Regina O. via Angie's List
"My duct vents were cleaned and the company did a very good job.
Two men came out and both of them were very polite and professional."

9/27/12 Aonymous Comment from Groupon Client
"Very professional and thorough. Cleaned up after themselves.
Would definitely use them again."

9/26/2012 Comment from Mary R. Via Angie's List
"The work went very well. I was very pleased them.
I would highly recommend."

9/24/2012 Anonymous Comment from Groupon client
"Very thorough, prompt, professional.
Overall pleased with their work!"

9/23/2012 Comment from Kenneth S. Via Angie's List
"It went well. They showed up in the middle of the 2 hour timeframe
specified.  The provided a visual picture of before and after and did a
demo of their work.  Did not pressure to clean furnace or dryer vent
ductwork and was informed ahead of time that those would be offered
upon arrival and inspection."

9/20/2012 Comment from Mick T. Via Angie's List
"We got a big deal for $100 off the regular price, then added cleaning the whole furnace and checking it out along with cleaning the dryer vent as well. The workers were very friendly, professional, and informative the whole time they were here. They explained everything in advance of starting the work, making sure we were welcome to ask any and all questions, even inviting us to follow them around while they worked so they could answer any questions about what they were doing each step of the way. They took care to minimize any mess, and cleaned up any dust that fell out of the ducts. We would recommend this company to anyone needing duct or furnace cleaning. They took pictures of the inside of the ducts before and after cleaning, and it was amazing the difference, even being able to see printing inside the ducts after being cleaned. Great job!"

9/15/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"Excellent service and work. Highly recommended."

9/14/2012 Comment from Danny C. Via Angie's List
"Eric and his crew arrived at exactly the scheduled time and completed the job in around 90 minutes. They were very professional and explained the process in detail. They took before and after photographs while I was watching. The results were amazing. I will use this provider again and recommend them to all my friends."

9/13/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"Friendly staff that will show you demonstrations, answer any questions you have, and even explain what exactly they'll do before beginning so you know what to expect. They cleaned up their mess well and went above and beyond what was expected. I'd definitely recommend the company to anyone and have them come back when needed again."

9/12/12 Comment from Mary A. Via Angie's List
Two gentlemen came and explained in detail what they were to do which included cleaning out all the air ducts as well as the dryer vent.  They were very thorough, taking before and after pictures to show me.  They encouraged me to ask them questions at any time.  I would definitely recommend them.

9/12/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"They were honest, hard working, did a good job and were very communicative, I would highly recommend!"

9/8/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"They were awesome totally worth it and definitely sticking with their service for future cleanings."

9/1/2012 Comment from Janine M.
"Most honest company we have dealt with in a long time."

8/29/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"Really a pleasure to have people of this caliber with pride in what they do working for you!!!!"

8/26/2012 Comment from Kevin L.
"You guys did an amazing job. Even though my house is not that old, I was shocked to see the amount of dirt and debris that came out of the ducts. You were promptly on time, explained everything you were doing, and I didn't feel like a nuisance as you worked and I observed. You cleaned up everything before you left. We can tell a difference already and the house just smells cleaner. Even though I have never had this type of service performed before, I feel the job was top notch and you exceeded my expectations. I am also a business owner, and you treated me the same way I treat my own customers. I am looking forward to having you back again in a couple of years. Thank you!"

8/24/12 Comment from Anonymous
"The job was done well, the price was right"

8/22/2012 Comment from Ed and Angie T.
"The gentlemen that came to my house were very nice and professional. They did a great job! I'm not sneezing anymore and my house is less dusty. It was a pleasant experience all around and would highly recommend Sani-Clean. Thank you very much!!"

8/21/2012 Comment from Anonymous
"These guys are great, scheduled my apt next day. Very professional, explained everything, showed pictures, in and out quick. Highly recommend!"

6/28/12 Comment from Edward W.
"I'm not sure you that there is any need for improvement. The job was done in a very orderly fashion and fast. The technicians were very professional and kind."

6/18/2012 Comment from Angela C.
"I've been wanting to have the ducts in my house cleaned for a while now and I'm so glad I got the recommendation to hire you! You guys were on time, efficient, and very reasonably priced! I can breathe easier now and have a less dusty house to boot! Thanks so much!"

3/9/2012 Comment from Erin S.
"The technicians were very informative, explaining every step."

2/10/2012 Comment from R. Viviano
"Price was reasonable, the work was quick and thorough. The gentlemen were clean, well-mannered and kind to our young son. Keep the upbeat and friendly attitude, work hard and you guys will be very successful."

2/7/2012 Comment from E. lewis
"Professional and thoroughly knowledgeable technicians who are able to educate consumers about their homes and offer reasonable rates for their services."

2-3-2012 Comment from Sharon
"I am just thrilled with the service you provided. I cleaned my house yesterday and there was hardly any dust at all. No one is sneezing and coughing either. I've been telling everyone about you guys! Thanks so much once again!"

1-30-12 Comment from Ashly R.
"I am absolutely positively thrilled with the guys at Sani-Clean and the results of our furnace & duct cleaning! They were on time, courteous, efficient and walked me through every step of the process. The pricing is honest and fair, and I have already recommended them to my friends & neighbors!"

1-17-2012 Comment from Anonymous
"Very professional and incredibly helpful! They solved a problem that we had been having with problem ducts in the bedroom. A quick look and a quick fix and they solved a problem that pestered us for months! Thank you for very thorough and effective work."