Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning reviews from 2011

2011 / 2012 / 2013

12-8-2011 Comment from Lynn D. on Angie's List
"Found them through a Groupon.  They could not have been more helpful and courteous.  Had Ducts and furnace cleaned as well as had the ducts sanitized.
They were on time and very courteous. Cleaned up everything, did an excellent job showing their work. Left a video on our computer for us of the before and after cleaning."

12-6-2011 Comment from Margaret F.
"WOW! What a difference. Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning- Jeremy and Eric were out to my home to clean my air ducts and Furnace. I no longer have that furnace smell every time the furnace kicks on. Both gentlemen were very Professional, and friendly. They answered all my questions and then some. The before and after Pictures were in credible and better yet the price was amazing! I would and have recommended them to everyone. So very glad I had this process done."

11-25-2011 Comment from Suzanne J.
"Thorough and conscientious - even alerted me about a gas leak in my furnace."

10/28/2011 Comment from Krystal S.
"I just had Jeremy and Eric from Sani-Clean Air duct cleaning out to the house the other day, and I have to say I'm definitely breathing better! They were quick, professional, and thorough! they answered a few questions I had, and even noticed some things that I needed to replace that were unsafe! I got to watch the process, and the before and after pics were amazing! I HIGHLY recommend Sani-Clean. Their price was incomparable, and they do excellent work"

10-19-2011 Comment from Mary Ann V.
"Jeremy and Eric were out today to clean our ducts after being in the house more than 30 years. They were very friendly and informed us of all that they were doing as they were doing it. They answered all our questions and encouraged us to watch them as they did their work. Jeremy and Eric made sure to cleanup afterwards too. I would recommend them to everyone. Keep us the good work so that we can call you for our next cleaning.
Very friendly and professional company. They encourage questions and also encourage you to stay and watch what they are doing and explain the whole process as it is done. In and out in less than two hours."

10-9-2011 Comment from Jeffery H.
"The workers arrived on time and did a great job of cleaning my ducts. They were fast and professional."

10-6-2011 Comment from Walter C.
"Very Professional. Will call them again. Know what has to be performed and accomplished ."

9-23-2011 Comment from Judy H.
" The service techs were polite, friendly and professional. Their work was guaranteed."

9-30-2011 Comment from Lana O.
"Service was outstanding, technicians were friendly, and they were not offended when I did not want a sample of the gunk they pulled out of my ducts."

9-30-2011 Comment From Courtney B.
"This was the first time we had our Air Ducts clean - and our home is 50 years old! Needless to say it was so dirty, I couldn't even believe it! I was even more excited when all that dirt was finally gone! I haven't seen much dust accumulating since you guys came out - if any at all. I used to have dust on my table right after I finished cleaning. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone! Not only did
you do an awesome job, but it was also the lowest price we were ever quoted.
50 years of dirt gone!
We are breathing easier and dusting less thanks to Sani-Clean!"

9-25-2011 Comment from Jackie B.
"Yesterday I had the opportunity to take advantage of the special offer from Sani-Clean Air-Duct Cleaning. They came out and cleaned my 30+ year old ducts. He said they had never been done before. Jeremy and Eric were early for the appt (they called ahead to make sure it was ok), they were professional, courteous and kept me informed along the way. They showed me what they were doing and how dirty my ducts were. They were great to work with and I will definitely be using them again! I highly recommend them!! "

9-24-2011 Comment from Sue M.
"Just wanted to let you know that the guys from Sani-Clean just left my house...What a great group of hardworking guys! I wasn't thrilled to see how dirty my ducts were...but the after pictures were awesome! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a dependable, honest company to clean your ducts! GREAT prices, too!"

9-23-2011 Comment from Beth G. on Angie's List
"Another posting of praise for Sani-Clean Air-Duct Cleaning, we closed on a house today and grateful they were able to come out on a day's notice. Impressed that they were flexible with my time since we weren't sure when we were going to finish the closing and have keys in hand! Really wanted to get it done first thing before we moved anything in, and so nice that they cleaned AND fixed the broken dryer vent. Carpet cleaners were coming in as Sani-Clean was finishing, the carpet guy said "darn it, we do duct cleaning, could have done everything for you" - but conceded that Jeremy gave me an awesome price for this large house with tons of vents. Also said he was really impressed with the power on their equipment/truck. And my goodness, the video of the process was fascinating but disturbing - so good to see (and hear!) the cooties leaving!"

9-22-2011 Comment from Mellisa J.
"I can't say enough good things about Sani-Clean! I called and asked them to come because Jolyn recommended them and because he gave us B2B readers such a great offer. I'm so glad I did! WOW!!! It is amazing how much dirt they took out of the ducts, I'd be embarrassed for you to know. (Jeremy took a picture with me standing there and showed me how bad it was.) They cleaned the furnace, the ducts, sanitized the ducts, and cleaned the dryer vent. Jeremy made sure that I knew everything he offered before he came so that there wouldn't be any surprise charges. Jeremy and Eric did the work and you could tell they took pride in it. They want to make sure the job is done well. I really appreciate that and it seems like that is an attitude that is getting tougher and tougher to find. I'm excited because I know that that air we're breathing is going to be better, I'm guessing we'll get sick less since our air is cleaner too. The deal he's offering right now is fantastic, great time to get it done!"

8-30-2011 Comment from Tina J.
"I had the Sani-Clean guys out to my house today. They did a great job, were very friendly and had great prices! I had this done by another company in our old house and they charged way more and did not do even close to as good of a job as Sani-Clean."

This is our 1st review below, and just discovered on 5/10/13 on one of our competitors pages on Angie's list. The customer wrote it on the wrong page! :)

6-15-2011 Comment via Angie's list
"I used Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning to clean our ducts & furnace. They (Jeremy) called and left a message with a good price. He was part of a crew that previously did this work in my home a few years before, and knew how many ducts we had etc. The two gentlemen (and they were) did an awesome job. They took care to protect the walls as they removed dust from vents,etc. They were very professional, and methodical. My husband and I observed their work throughout the house and basement. My husband was very impressed that the equipment was powerful, and did an excellent job. Sani-Clean also does dryer vents, which we did not need (my husband had just cleaned it a few days prior)."