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8/13/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They were extremely professional, & also kind & informative. I will definitly hire them again, their equipment is top notch compared to other companies we have hired in the past"

8/13/2014 via Groupon
"Very professional and happy with the work performed. Will likely use them in the future."

8/9/2014 Comment via Groupon
"The service was exceptional and informative. They arrived within the scheduled time frame and explained what to expect from the service before they began cleaning the air ducts. I would definitely recommend Sani-Clean to others."

8/9/2014 Comment via Groupon
"very informative, polite, quick...will recommend Sani-Clean to friends/family."

8/8/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job I'm satisfied, good people!"

8/2/2014 Comment via Groupon
"I highly recommend this service. They are very knowledgable and care about their work."

7/31/2014 Comment via Groupon
"I would definitely recommend Sani-Clean to anyone! They did a great job, were very honest and efficient! Their prices are very competitive compared to other companies."

7/29/2014 Comment from Kathy T. via Living Social
"Very professional, courteous, and thorough in their work. I highly recommend this company!"

7/29/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional, on time and fair price. Can't be beat."

7/25/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very good people showed up, on time, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I would use them again."

7/22/2014 Comment via Groupon
"I would highly recommend this company to anybody. They came to my house on time, explained step by step the process and did the excellent job."

7/16/2014 Cmment via Groupon
"Great service!!!"

6/25/2014 Comment via Groupon
"In researching companies for my air duct cleaning, there are a lot of companies that are not actually licensed to do air duct cleaning. Some of these are well-known companies. Sani-Clean is one three companies that is actually licensed. And I like that Sani-Clean is on Angie's List which I usually check if I'm going to hire a contractor. Eric and Nathan did a good job! Air quality difference was noticeable right away. Although it's not something everybody thinks about doing....all homeowners or renters should invest in cleaning their air ducts. The health benefit is definitely worth it....along with the Groupon price. (for best results furnace should be clean too.)"
(Sani-Clean reply: Thanks for recognizing our hard work! This is the perfect review as far as we're concerned and WHY we do this... Thanks!)

6/25/2014 Comment from Steve Z. via Living Social
"Great customer service!"

6/11/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Excellent job!"

6/5/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional service."

6/4/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They did great job"

5/31/2014 Comment from Ralph P. via Living Social
"friendly and knowledgeable technicians"

5/29/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very easy to work with. The guys were super nice and friendly, and they did a great job. I definitely recommend them."

5/9/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Excellent service - highly recommended. Very knowledgeable, thorough and reasonable. We were amazed how much dirt was cleaned out of our air ducts."

5/1/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Great experience. Very knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended"

5/1/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very pleased with result!"

4/22/2014 Comment from Tina N. via Living Social
"I liked the examples he showed and the honesty."

4/18/2014 Comment from Laura A. via Living Social
"Very informative and thorough. Thank you!"

4/15/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very friendly and fast service"

4/12/2014 Comment via Groupon
"I would highly recommend this company. They know what they are doing and are SUPER easy to work with! The two gentlemen that came to the house were very thorough and easy going, I cannot tell you their names (Tech's were Eric and Nate) because my husband was the one that was at home and he didn't get them. I know leading up to the appointment I was the main contact and they were very good about returning calls and even worked around our schedule. We will definitely use Sani-Clean again!"

4/12/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional company"

3/31/2014 Comment from Doris N. via Living Social
"The workers were very pleasent and explained the procedure"

3/29/2014 Comment from Christina W. via Living Social
"They were friendly and informative"

3/25/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very friendly and great service!"

3/24/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Sani Clean are good to work with and do a good job. They are straightforward in their pricing and do what they say"

3/22/2014 Comment voa Groupon
"Did a great job and was very helpful. I would call them again."

3/21/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Great job! Quick & efficient!"

3/14/2014 Comment from Jonathon W. via Living Social
"Employees were polite and knowledgeable. No hard sell. Recommending to my family and friends"

3/6/2014 Comment via Groupon
"excellent job did everything I expected and more no add ons to the price"

2/24/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They were great - zero complaints - they fit me in on short notice when they had a nearby cancellation. Very professional and informative, they came to clean my ducts, and I asked them to clean the furnace once I trusted them and saw their honesty. They even repaired a large gap in my furnace intake (for free) to make the system more efficient. They also (on a side note) noticed I had an old dryer hose that was a fire hazard and had been recalled years ago and insisted I change it as soon as I could for my safety. Good guys with a family business vibe. I def recommend them."

2/24/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They were great - zero complaints - they fit me in on short notice when they had a nearby cancellation. Very professional and informative, they came to clean my ducts, and I asked them to clean the furnace once I trusted them and saw their honesty. They even repaired a large gap in my furnace intake (for free) to make the system more efficient. They also (on a side note) noticed I had an old dryer hose that was a fire hazard and had been recalled years ago and insisted I change it as soon as I could for my safety. Good guys with a family business vibe. I def recommend them."


2/20/2014 Comment via Living Social
"The owner/operator was very knowledgeable and informative of his business. He had recently introduced a new way for the customer to view his work through a GO PRO camera. The customer can actually view the cleaning process on a cell phone that he provides. He and his assistant were very professional and aware of their surroundings in my home. I highly recommend their services."


2/20/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Appointment very easy to make. Great, friendly workers that are always willing to share info on what they are doing!"

2/17/2014 Comment via Groupon
"The servicemen were very polite and explained all they had to do. I am very pleased with this company and recommend them!"

2/5/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough job. Explained things as they went along. Showed me before and after pictures so I could see the difference the cleaning made. Were at my house within the stated time even though the weather was bad (very snowy)."

2/4/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They were very professional yet friendly and pleasant. They explain what was going to happen as well as showed us. We have already strongly recommended this company to friends."

2/1/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job!"

1/29/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Super professional and very nice to deal with. The team showed me before and after pictures, as well as, a demonstration."

1/27/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional arrived on time and wore booties in my house!"

1/26/2014 Comment via Groupon
"We were very pleased...would use them again."

1/25/2014 Comment via Groupon
"Very pleased with Sani-Clean.. I would definitely recommend them."

1/18/2014 Comment via Groupon
"The Sani-Clean Air Duct specialists were very professional, yet personable. They explained things every step of the way. They were thorough and efficient--even worked around my son's nap schedule. I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them to family and friends!"

1/17/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job! They also explained what they were cleaning and how the equipment works. :)"

1/15/2014 Comment via Groupon
"The two guys who did the work were pleasant and efficient. They took the time to explain each step of the process and demonstrate how it works. Made a recommendation regarding my furnace filter which I believe will prolong the life of my furnace and improve the cleanliness of my house. I highly recommend them."

1/11/2014 Comment via Groupon
"The staff was very efficient and professional. They did a great job and took the time to explain everything as they went. Would definately recommend them. It was a great value with Groupon as well."

1/11/2014 Comment via Groupon
"We were very pleased with Sani-Clean. They were prompt; they worked very diligently the whole time they were there; they did a very good job and most importantly, they were extremely friendly with great customer service. Would highly recommend Sani-Clean for air duct, furnace and dryer vent cleaning."

1/4/2014 Comment via Groupon
"They did an excellent job! We saw before and after photos and were it's shocked. We highly recommend their services and will be using them in the future again! We definitely won't wait so long to have this done again as it makes a huge difference."

12/30/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did an excellent, thorough job."

12/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great people. Great experience. Great job."

12/26/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great job"

12/21/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional and clean"

12/20/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very professional and prompt. They explained everything they were doing and gave me before and after photos. It was a very pleasant experience."

12/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great guys, informative, prompt and efficient."

12/18/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Friendly and helpful"

12/17/2013 Comment via Groupon

12/16/2013 COmment via our Web Form
"The techs were neat and tidy, showed me what was going on in my ducts, gave me suggestions on how to improve the filtration of my furnace."

12/16/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very knowledgeable and professional about his work. Explained everything they were going to do and gave demonstration of what was happening in the duct work."

12/7/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional Worth the money"

12/7/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The Gentleman that took care of our service was great. Answered any questions we had and showed exactly what was happening. Thanks Sani-Clean. We will use you again in the future.

12/6/2013 Comment via our Web Form
"We used another company 13 years ago and they didn't compare to Sani-Clean! Sani-Clean showed us pictures before and after of our ducts, they made sure they knew where every duct was in the house and then explained their process and gave us our final quote before starting the job. Very professional and courteous, on time and very attentive to cleanliness. We are so happy and will use this company again. Can't say enough, especially after seeing how other companies do the job. Sani-Clean is first on our duct cleaning list :-)"

12/6/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Awesome job; they took the time to explain things to us and answer all our questions. They went above and beyond!"

11/26/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough! They give details of what they will be doing and also provide a demonstration. Very fast."

11/25/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job! Very happy with the results. I am telling everyone I know and posted on Facebook!"

11/23/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional explained their process of what is going to happen as well as before and after pics....would recommend them to anyone......."

11/22/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Nice people good job"

11/21/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very Satisfied."

11/21/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Showed up between the time they said they would. Recommended other services but was not pushy."

11/20/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great company very friendly and informative about the work being completed. I pleasure to work with them"

11/20/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great quick service."

11/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great Job, very professional!"

11/15/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Awesome , friendly, quick!!!"

11/14/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The staff sent to the house (Eric and Nate) were great. I really liked how they walked me through the process and showed me each step of the way what they were doing. The before and after photos were unbelievable. I would definitely recommend Sani-Clean!"

11/8/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional. Showed me how my ducts looked before and after. Did a demo of how they are cleaning the ducts. Also cleaned my furnace and changed the filter. Great groupon."

11/7/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Thank you for doing such a great job. I noticed a difference in the air quality when the furnace ran. You found a reoccurring customer."

11/6/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did wonderful job , very pleased with the service they performed, I would highly recommend them."

11/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Prompt, professional, and provided photographs of before and after. Very happy with the service, I am a landlord and have had this done several times before, and will only use them now, because of the Groupon introduction."

11/4/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were fast, professional, and very forthcoming about getting the most out of my Groupon offer, even though they didn't stand to make any extra money doing it."

10/31/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Courteous and professional service."

10/29/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional and they did a great job!!!!"

10/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"No issues. Took about 2 hours."

10/26/2013 Comment via Groupon

10/26/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional and informative. I had a great experience and would gladly refer family and friends"

10/24/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They seemed to do a good job. I would recommend them to anyone."

10/24/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Professional and friendly. I felt comfortable with them in my home. A small unexpected mess but overall a good experience and a great value."

10/22/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Professional, on time, attentive to detail, helpful in resolving an issue, and friendly."

10/17/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a very good job, and were very professional, I would use them again."

10/16/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great job! Quick complete no hassle. Pleasant, friendly, knowledgeable guys. Thank you very much. Would definitely recommend your company."

10/11/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The workers were polite, explained the process thoroughly and acted very professionally. A worthwhile experience."

10/11/2013 Comment via Groupon
"These guys were very professional and courteous. They were clean, organized and did a great job. Would recommend for sure!"

10/10/2013 comment via Groupon
"Absolutely will use this company again. They were professional, clean, and thorough. I have used other companies in the past and never saw the results that I did with Sani-Clean. Thank you!"

10/10/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great job and included the furnace as a courtesy. Would definitely recommend!"

10/10/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I was very happy they showed me before and after pictures' explained everything I will be recomending them to my friends"

10/9/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were professional, timely, and thorough. I was more than impressed with their service."

10/9/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Jeremy was professional and thorough. He showed me before and after pictures and informed me about the process and what was involved. I would definitely recommend them to others."

10/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Prompt and got the job done in about 1.5 hours! Offered their extra services too."

10/4/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job and showed me every step of what they were doing!"

10/4/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great service at a quality price. They new what they where doing, and had all the right equipment to do the job.

10/3/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very nice and professional and let me watch the process with my own eyes! Would 1000% recommend Jeremy and his crew!"

8/21/2013 comment via Groupon
"They were extremely professional, clean & ON TIME!! They explained what they would be doing before & after the cleaning. Would highly recommend Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning. Will definately be calling them again in the future!!!"

8/20/2013 comment from Keith S. Via our webform
"Friendly, professional, punctual, and thorough - I would recommend Sani-Clean to anyone!"

8/19/2013 comment via Groupon
"Very professional and did the job efficiently."

8/16/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job. I was very impressed."

8/16/2013 Comment via Groupon
"friendly, efficient & thorough"

8/15/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great people, and not high pressure sales people. They sent me before and after pictures which were greatly appreciated."

8/14/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very prompt, courteous and thorough. Excellent job my ductwork is unbelievably clean. They did our furnace and dryer vents as well."

8/14/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were on-time, even a few minutes early. Fast, clean and polite."

8/13/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Prices and service were good"

8/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Cleaned all vents really good, I liked the job done I would do it again"

8/8/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very clean, careful and professional...................Did a very good job!!!"

8/7/2013 Comment from Megan M. via our webform
"Everything was perfect! You guys did a great job! So glad I purchased this groupon!"

8/7/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional! Great service!"

8/6/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very knowledgable and did their job well"

8/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very courteous & efficient workers!"

8/4/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Professional, fast, did good work"

8/4/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job and we were very impressed. We will use them again and recommend to our friends."

8/3/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Sani-Clean did a fantastic job in our home. Their staff and technicians were very professional and explained in detail about the process and also provided explanations while they worked. Very Satisfied!"

8/3/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Put the booties on"

8/1/2013 Comment from Carloyn C. via our webform
"Sani-Clean is fast, affordable and they do great work! What more could I ask for?!"

7/27/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very fast, professional service. Everything was explained thoroughly and before and after photos were taken. Great service! Would highly recommend."

7/25/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Fast and courteous."

7/20/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Fast and professional ... Thank you!"

7/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I really recommend them, they did a really great job. I had them do all the before and after pictures in front of me so I was sure they were not showing me a fake one. They did a demonstration and we were able to see the vacuum in action. I trust this company 100%. I have had my ducts cleaned before for $110, about 10 years ago and now realized nothing was really done and the before and after pictures were not my house, we still had (building materials) from when the house was built in 1969 in our ducts, it's true you get what you pay for. I will be using Sani-Clean in the future we all have allergies and I know keeping the ducts clean will help us a great deal."

7/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough job. They were spotless when the job was done."

7/18/2013 Comment from Susan M. via Yelp
"I have used a few different companies over the years and always had issues. Some didn't have a truck mounted vacuum, didn't clean up or did a really crappy job and I couldn't tell the difference. 

Not only did they do a great job they made sure everything was perfect before they left. They show you a before and after photo of your unit and you can see the difference. I would never use a different company again! They are worth every penny and do a awesome job."

7/18/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very knowledgeable, very clean when they left."

7/17/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional and did a great job."

7/15/2013 Comment from Mary E.
"Very professional. Did a good job in a short period of time with no mess. Arrived on time for the appointment...."

7/13/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Was overdue for air duct cleaning and furnace cleaning. Very helpful, informative, and did a great job!"

7/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great service! Very knowledgable, professional and prompt!"

7/10/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Good company"

7/10/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional yet friendly service. Everything was explained prior to the service. Would highly recommend!"

7/3/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The cleaning crew was very professional and showed us before and after pictures as well as they showed my husband the inside of air duct while they were cleaning. I would recommend them to my friends and family."

7/2/2013 Comment from Beverly H. via Living Social
"They were very nice, very professional"

7/2/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great job."

7/2/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very Professional and Answered All Questions"

7/1/2013 Comment from Shawn C. via Living Social
"won't hesitate to recommend these guys-on time, quick, effective, polite, ...ta daaaa!"

6/28/2013 Comment via Groupon

6/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job. Very professional, courteous and thorough. 5 stars for sure !!"

6/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Excellent job, no wasted time. Gave me a demo of what they were doing."

6/27/2013 Comment from Mary C.
" They were very professional. I did not have to wait long for an appt. Competitively priced and they did an excellant job."

6/21/2013 Comment from Vienna G.
"Professional and friendly, highly recommeded! Great job!"

6/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Good workers"

6/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very nice, did a great job. Very professional"

6/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very friendly and informative. Also, they were happy to show me the process as it was happening"

6/17/2013 Comment from RK via Yelp
"I am reviewing the company here even though I didn't end up using my Groupon for some reasons (not the company's fault).  I must say I was very impressed with the professional and courteous manner Jeremy handled my concerns.  When he realized that I couldn't use my Groupon (again, no fault of his), he was kind enough to say that I could request a return from Groupon and he would vouch for me when Groupon called him to verify! That's service now!  I hope to do business with this company some time soon."

6/15/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Fast service!"

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They called ahead of time to let me know when they would be there, showed up and completed the work, cleaned up and explained what they did and showed me pictures of before and after. I plan to use them again in 3 - 4 years, as they recommended."

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were awesome!"

6/12/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Very profesional and took the time to show before and after condition of ducts. Also showed how system works with wand and vacumn suction. Eric, the main tech, was very polite and profesional. Showed up on time and completed the job as promised."

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very polite and very informtive. Step by step processes of how things were done."

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"On time, explained everything, very professional. I would definitely recommend them."

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Good job with friendly service"

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very polite. Very thorough. Very professional. The real deal."

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very nice and did a great job!"

6/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Friendly and efficient."

6/11/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I'm very pleased with the service preformed at my home."

6/11/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They arrived when they told me they would, explained everything to me and finished the job in a timely fashion."

5/21/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Great, friendly guys did a great job. Super value for what I received. No hidden costs...they're completely straight up with you...which, after shopping for quotes for the labor, I discovered is tough to find from duct cleaning companies. Clear explanations of the work being done. Would definitely highly recommend."

5/18/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Great service. Highly recommend. House feels better with ac running. Had entire house done. Very reasonable pricing."

5/18/2013 Comment from Gary J. Via Living Social
"We were extremely pleased with this company. They were prompt, polite and pleasant to do business with. We highly recommend them."

5/18/2013 Comment from Kathleen S. Via Living Social
" They did a great job cleaning all the crud from our airducts and furnace. Well worth it!"

5/17/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Professional, knowledgable, and great workers! Highly recommend."

5/16/2013 Comment from Mary W. Via Living Social
"Very professional. Up front with cost. Pleased with results."

5/14/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Nice friendly young men. Informative, pleasant, shows you what they are doing and why. Showed pictures before and after. Did a great job and If I need cleaning again I would call them. Good job guys!"

5-13-2013 Comment from Serhid S. Via Living Social
"Perfect Experience"

5-13-2013 Comment from Sandra R. Via Living Social
"They did a wonderful job, very nice and professional will be using them again!!"

5/10/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"I was very satisfied with the duct cleaning. It was great value and the work
was done in a very professional way. Thanks again!"

5/9/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"It was a nice surprise to see how professional the crew was. The work was above my expectation. Taking time out to show me the demonstration was impressive. The knowledge and expertise of the staff in heating and cooling system was good and helpful for me. I would refer Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning to anyone who is interested."

5/7/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"They did a fantastic job! One hundred percent satisfied and highly recommend!"

5/7/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Both workers were clean-cut, articulate, polite, and (most of all) professional.
I got the feeling that they very honest. I'm glad I purchased the offer."

5/4/2013 Comment from April R. via Bargains To Bounty
" They cleaned our house ducts a few years ago and they were wonderful! Professional, polite, and I felt very comfortable having them in my house! As a mom of 3 and someone who has horrible allergies it made a big difference."

5/2/2013 Comment from Jennie B. Via Living Social

5/1/2013 Comment from Megan S. Via Living Social
"They were very knowledgeable and did a great job! I would recommend them."

5/1/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"On time very personable men. They explained the whole process and did the work professionally."

4/29/2013 Review Via Groupon
"Sani-Clean did a good job at our home. In addition to having the air ducts cleaned,
we cleaned the furnace and dryer vent as well."

4/22/2013 Comment Via Groupon
"Work crew very enthusiastic about their job and the quality of their work. Very thorough and informative, professional. Everything you're looking for. Saved their contact info and will use and recommend in the future."

4/2/2013 Review from Karen D. Via Living Social
"Awesome service. They were prompt, friendly and informative.
Showed me before and after photos, and let me watch a demonstration.
I am VERY pleased with this service. Its not often you get service like this anymore
from anyone. I will definitely be recommending them to friends and family."

3/27/2013 Comment from Patricia B. Via Living Social
"They did a fantastic job and explained everything clearly that was being done!
Already referred them to a friend."

3/17/2013 Comment from Jaqueline M. via Living Social
"Everything was terrific. Very professional .
Quick & informative. I have already recommended them."

3/2/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Excellent experience. Knowledgable, experienced and GREAT pricing. I have already recommended them."

3/1/2013 Comment from Milisav B.
"My experience with them was great. I liked their professionalism, the job they did, and their cleanliness when they left. They did a good job and I would recommend their services."

2/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The previous company we used missed some ducts. Sani clean did a great job cleaning ALL the ducts!!"

2/25/2013 Comment from Justin C. Via E-Mail
"I just wanted to write in to you about the great service I received from Eric on 02/23/2013. Eric is extremely professional and did a really good job. I was concerned that because I had a Groupon that maybe the service wouldn't be as good as from a person that paid full price for the air duct cleaning. This was not the case with Eric. He did a great job and I will recommend Sani Clean Air Duct Cleaning to my friends and family. Great job Eric at representing the company!"

2/25/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Wonderful experience with this company. Showed up on time, explained everything they were doing and even discovered a gas leak near my hot water tank! Definitely recommend this company!"

2/23/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Eric did a great job! Very pleased with his work!"

2/22/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very professional. Very kind. Took great care to protect and 'not dirty' your house. Took pride in their work and made me feel comfortable. Showed me before and after pics. Great with dogs! Would recommend!!"

2/21/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great service, from the scheduling to the techs explaining everything they found & did to complete the job."

2/12/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Friendly, professional and fast!"

2/9/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were awesome. Very professional . Explained every step of the process. I am very pleased."

2/8/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very nice Technician will recommend"

2/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great Job! On Time! Courteous and respectful of my property and complete clean up after the job was done. The home smells much better. The yellow smoke scum is gone from my heating system. I would recommend this company to anyone!"

1/31/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great job!"

1/31/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Excellent service. Explained everything and showed me before and after video. Even let me see some of the extraction as they worked. Polite, professional and efficient."

1/30/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very nice, came on time, explained everything they were doing, and did a great job. My only criticism is that they left a bit of a mess in the place they cut into the duct work and down by the furnace. Taking a couple of extra minutes with a little hand vacuum or something might go a long way in customer satisfaction. Good experience overall though and I would recommend them."

1/29/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Workers were very professional and knowledgeable. They made sure I knew what they were doing, and even gave me a demonstration of the cleaning process. Well worth the money! After seeing everything that came out of the ducts I think that my allergies and asthma should improve."

1/28/2013 Comment via Groupon
"The two gentlemen that arrived were professional, thorough and very willing to explain everything they were doing. I was shown real-time digital pictures of my air ducts before and after their work. They demonstrated how they accessed the inside of the air ducts and the 'whipper' tool that was used to agitate the dust throughout the ducts. I was told what to expect from professional air duct cleaning companies vs. the rip-off companies. They were polite, respectful and covered my stairs and hallways while working in my house. Excellent work! I will definitely work with them again."

1/26/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough. Extremely friendly, but professional at the same time.
I will be using Sani-Clean again & have already been referring friends."

1/26/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were wonderful. Came on time, did a great job, were very professional
and we would have them again. Thanks Sani-Clean."

1/23/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I was really impressed! They did a great job!"

1/22/2013 Comment From Steven T. via Angie's List
"Punctual and professional.  Eric and Nate explained exactly what they were going to do and even showed us as they removed some debris from the ducts.  I had wondered why I heard rattling in the vents when the furnace was running.  With the camera, they showed that we had some smallish blocks of wood in the vents (most likely from original construction in 1996).  With everything cleaned out of the ducts, furnace is super quiet and running efficiently after their maintenance.  We couldn't be more pleased with the work they did."

1/22/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough and courteous."

1/19/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Great service and excellent customer service."

1/18/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very thorough -taking before and after photos and giving a demonstration
of what they are doing. Would recommend!"

1/18/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were awesome and very professional and very clean."

1/17/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very nice and did an excellent job"

1/17/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I liked that they showed before/after pictures of the vents.
They were able to get me in ahead of schedule. They were very polite."

1/17/2013 Comment via Groupon
"Very timely, clean practices, explained what was to happen, allowed me (not that they couldn't) watch, and answered all my questions. Would I recommend them, YES!"

1/10/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They did a great job, professional and I would/will use them again in the future.

1/6/2013 Comment From Norma W.
 "I was impressed with the professionalism, prompt attention to call backs, etc.  It was a pleasure working with this company.  I'd recommend them to anyone and plan to use them in the future.  Not going to let the dust accumulate for another 60  years!  House is much much better re the dust."

1/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"very professional and thorough"

1/5/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very kind and helped to educate on the process.. Also left the house very clean and used "booties""

1/4/2013 Comment via Groupon
"They were very helpful, and very pleasant. The before and after pictures Eric showed me were remarkable! They did a great job!"

1/2/2013 Comment via Groupon
"I am more than a satisfied customer after my appointment. I look forward to recommending them to my friends and family."


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