Furnace Cleaning

A hallmark of a clean air duct system is a clean furnace. We recommend cleaning your furnace every year to two years, along with using a high quality filter like a "3M Filtrete Purple" and changing it at the proper intervals, or buying a lifetime warranty electrostatic filter from us that you wash monthly.

At Sani-Clean we can air wash your blower, your burners, your heat exchanger, and your A-coil if applicable. We utilize a very high power 8" vacuum hose along with air whips operating at 200 pounds per square inch of air. Doing this along with your air duct cleaning ensures that the entire system is clean, and that one part of the system won't contaminate another part of the system. We always examine the furnace upon arrival to determine if you should have it cleaned, or if it can safely wait until next year. What we don't do is inspect or tune up your furnace. We simply remove all the dirt.

But wasn't my furnace cleaned by my furnace man when he was here?

Many times, consumers have a "plan" with their heating oil or gas company to "maintain" their furnace for a nominal monthly fee. These "plans" generally are just for a tune up and or inspection. There's usually little to no cleaning taking place. Many furnace companies that offer cleaning services generally clean the furnace with a shop vac and a wire brush. Our system can do a much more thorough job at getting the system clean, and many times quicker as well. We suggest you use your furnace man for "maintenance", and us for "cleaning". We can't wait to clean your air for you!!

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