Air Duct Cleaning

As your furnace and air conditioner runs it accumulates dust and debris in all interior surfaces. The filter removes some of this contamination. On top of that, most systems are dirty after the home was originally constructed. Many times this is overlooked and the system just gets progressively dirtier until they finally get cleaned.

There are several methods different companies use to "clean ducts". Many of them are just an excuse to make easy money ripping consumers off.

Air Duct cleaning is absolutely a necessary maintenance in any home or business, and done right with the proper equipment, it can make a world of difference in your home. We adhere to NADCA guidelines and have invested in the best tools and equipment for this industry, as well as taking pride in our work.

At Sani-Clean Air Duct Cleaning we utilize large Power Vacuum trucks that have a vacuum and compressor that run off the truck's engine. This creates so much suction that it can be dangerous of you're not cautious around the vacuum hose opening. More importantly, it creates enough air to blast the debris from your system.

What We Do

When we arrive, we put on shoe covers if you would like us to. We ask you to show us your system so we can inspect it. We point out any issues with access, If any, and what you can expect from our cleaning. Any questions you have get answered in a way that's easy to comprehend. We then agree on the price and we get started with cleaning.

We use the best tools our industry offers to get your ducts clean. This includes 12,000-16,000 cfpm power vacuum trucks with enough power to easily pull the debris out of your system. We use a very high powered 200 psi air compressor system to drive our whips (more than 5 different types) and other tools to agitate tough, caked on dirt, and help large debris get to the vacuum hose and into our truck. We cut an 8" hole into each of your main ducts, and several 1" holes where necessary. The larger holes allow our vacuum hose to seal onto your system and put it under negative pressure. We protect your corners from our hoses and take care around your home, as well as laying down protective tarps to protect your floors where necessary. Once our vacuum is in place we clean from the furthest vent from the furnace, one by one until we have completed all the individual runs. From there, we clean the main ducts.We insert our cleaning tools through the smaller holes to agitate the dirt and debris loose and into the vacuum with our "Viper Whip" attachments. We go through the ducts several times to insure they are clean as possible. When complete, the large holes will be sealed perfectly with heavy gauge sheet metal affixed with high quality foil tape and screws. The 1" holes will be sealed with industry standard rubber plugs that will not fall out. The next time the system is cleaned, we can use these same holes. We are happy to show you before and after pics of what we did in your house. We clean strictly to N.A.D.C.A. standards.
We generally will show you a live view of the dust level in your system.
Most times, less than 5 to 10 seconds of this and the home owner is completely amazed at how much we pull out so quickly.

How do we get them so clean?
Here's actual video of the Main Duct shown above:

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